Grand Royal

Arch Chapter of 


Appeals and Grievances
Derek Cheek, Ch.; Jay Callaham; Brandon Penley

Board of General Purposes
W. Berry Rigdon, Ch. (25); Gary Handy (27); Ron Sandritter (23);
Bobby Kitchen (24); Ray Casey (26)

Board of Lectureship
Andy Adams, Ch. (26 ) Russell Rainear (23); Tom Janyssek (22); Bobby Kitchen (26 ),
John Walston, Jr. (24); Ludwik Wodka (25); David Cashion (24)

Board of Trust. Perm. Funds
Allen Surratt, Ch.; (24); Fred Whitty (25); Luigi Ammons (23)

Carson YR Library
Berry Rigdon, Ch.; William Chriscoe; Elbert L. Travis

Charity & Masonic Relief
Chris Hall, Ch.; Craig Horton; Elbert L. “Sparkie” Travis

Charters and Dispensations
Andy Adams, Ch.; James Howell; Ludwik Wodka

Committee on Youth
Russell Bridges, Ch.; Robert Mullis; Tom Bridges

Chris Hall, Ch.; Craig Horton; Elbert L. “Sparkie” Travis

Ron Sandritter, Ch.; Russell Bridges; David Cashion

Doings of Grand Officers
Berry Rigdon, Ch.; Derek Cheek; Ray Casey

William Dill, Ch.; Phil Presley; Luigi Ammons

History and Publications
Hugh McLaurin, Ch. (24); Rory Byers, (25); Robert Mullis, (23); John Davis (25);
Jonathan Underwood, (23 ); Ludik Wodka, (23); Allen Surratt, Secretary

Berry Rigdon, Ch.; Luigi Ammons, John Walston, Jr.

Leadership Training
William Highsmith, Ch.; David Cashion; Michael Daniels

Joshua Bristol, Ch.;James Howell; Stancil Wilson

Rick Patton, Ch.; Kenneth Whichard; Craig Horton

Public Relations
Chris Hall, Ch.; Craig Horton; Elbert L. “Sparkie” Travis

William Chriscoe, Ch; Tom Bridges; Derek Cheek

Strategic Planning
William Highsmith, Ch.; Tom Janyssek; Michael Daniels

Summer Assembly
Dave Cashion, Ch.; Brian Rau; Gene Canter, Jim Burrows; Russel Bridges
Berry Rigdon; Michael Smith; Allen Surratt; Ted Inman; Hugh Terrell Emeritus

Time and Place
Allen Surratt, Ch.; Will Chriscoe; Kirby Matthews

Thomas Bridges Ch.; Andy Adams; Derek Cheek

Unfinished Business
” Allen Surratt; Ch., David Ladd, Rick Patton”

York Rite Unity
Chris Hall, Ch.; Craig Horton; Elbert L. “Sparkie” Travis
William C. Chriscoe
3595 Brower Mill Rd
Seagrove, NC 27341
Phone: 919-803-9254

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